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June 3, 2010

Yes it’s another one of the little eight-legged beasts here today.  This small orb weaving spider makes it’s own camouflage screen. I always try to remember to look up every so often when I’m in the woods and swamps because there is just as likely to be something interesting (or creepy) up above as there might be on the ground. This web was suspended above my head where I photographed the other little spider on the thistle plant. The actual size of the orb woven into this web from side-to-side was about the size of a nickel.

Only one more day left in this week of itty bitty critters here on my photo journal. I know there are a couple of my regular readers who are simply looking forward to next week about now. Tomorrow I will post a picture of the tiniest creature that I photographed this week, probably the smallest I’ve ever photographed.

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