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Fred’s Famous Ribs

June 10, 2010

This is a quick shot I grabbed while at our friend’s house for a BBQ the other weekend. Are you hungry yet? This is only one of 3 grills that Fred had loaded with ribs that day. As I recall he had 6 varieties of ribs and a mess of pulled pork cooking simultaneously on 3 big grills and had 3 more grills dedicated to cooking the corn-on-the-cob. He has definitely earned the title of Grill Master and we never pass up an invite to an event where he will be cooking.

Now to be perfectly honest with you I am just randomly grabbing some personal pics for my journal this week because I am so crazy busy that I only have a few minutes very late at night when I get done with the day’s work to get something posted. So far this week I have hosted a workshop at the studio for a couple of Westcott’s top pros that lasted a full day and night, I have been teaching photography classes every day, have shot well over a thousand images and edited them all while on location every night this week and I still have more of the same ahead of me. The kicker is that all of those images I’ve been shooting and editing this week aren’t anything that would be the kind of thing that I post here on my journal. So I’m in the strange position right now shooting my butt off yet scrounging to find things to post here all week.

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