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Colors of the Night

June 11, 2010

Finally it’s the end of a crazy week. Got through all my lessons that I was scheduled to teach this week and finished work on a 4 night location shoot. Now there’s the matter of going through and working on the 1700+ images from that one. Today it’s back to shooting luxury homes with several more homes to shoot next week as well and I’m looking forward to shooting an all-girl heavy metal band this weekend. I also got in on a special assignment to shoot a gig that involves a high-profile celebrity in the world of photography. The pressure to produce on that assignment is heavy, let me tell you.  With all of the editing and shooting I’m facing coupled with the usual load of private lessons that I teach during the week I’m starting to wonder when I will be able to eat or sleep.

Today’s image is something I popped off while leading a group in a night photography workshop a while back. I remember that all the people in the group walked up the alley with their cameras and when they encountered this ladder they all walked around it to one side or the other and never stopped or gave it a second glance. I on the other hand, came to a screeching halt, braced my camera on a trash can, and made several various exposures. I may have posted one of the other versions of this here before but I’m so tired right now that I can’t remember for sure and quite honestly I’m also too tired to care whether I did or not.

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