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The Pieces are in Place

September 27, 2010

I’m on my way to the Land of Enchantment to do my favorite thing; guide and teach some other photographers in a bunch of varied and picturesque locations. By the time you are reading this I’m probably already there. I always seem to have some last minute hurdles to clear when getting ready to go away to lead one of these workshops. This time around it looked like my schedule would let me relax and get prepared in a more leisurely fashion for a change. No such luck. I got a call at 10:30 PM the other night offering me a shoot at 6:00 AM the following morning for 2 different clients. The material will appear in 3 different magazines including a cover. I couldn’t say no to the money and the visibility of the work. I wound up having to produce a lot of material on an incredibly tight deadline though. All trip preparations came to a screeching halt and I spent 2 days shooting, processing, and delivering the work. All went well though, the clients are happy and one of them already paid. That left me Sunday to pack and prep everything while worrying about what details or items I might be forgetting in the rush. It wound up being just like every other time I do this. I think I got everything I need packed and all the details squared away though. Whew!

I do plan on updating the journal with fresh material while I’m out there as well as tweeting some updates when I can. A note to friends and clients: I will be in remote wilderness areas a whole lot of the time and will likely not be able to receive calls or text messages a lot of the time. I should be able to check email most nights at the motel except for later in the week when I will be camping in a remote canyon for a night. I may not get voice mail reliably on the phone but because I’m using the Google Voice service I should get a text transcription in my email as a backup. Don’t be too concerned if I am slow to respond. In all honesty it will be nice to be untethered from technology for some of the time.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot: I was elected President of the Tampa Bay Camera Club in the middle of everything else going on. I begin serving my 2 year sentence in December. Truth is, I’m actually looking forward to the opportunity that the position presents. It’s a very good organization with a great diversity of membership. There is a lot of potential for growth of the organization and I have a lot of ideas for steering things along. I highly recommend that anyone with an interest come out to one of the meetings as a guest and see what the organization is all about. Meetings are on the 3rd & 4th Fridays of most months. More details here:

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