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Another Tennessee Waterfall

October 29, 2010

Here is the same waterfall photographed 2 different ways as an example of how you can sometimes manipulate the way a subject is perceived by varying the way in which you photograph it. The top image is horizontal and shows a more head-on view that allows the waterfall to spread across a wide expanse from the viewers perspective. It is photographed with a higher shutter speed which freezes a lot of the falling water allowing the viewer to see the splashing of the torrents of water. The contrast in the image accentuates the strength of the water and as whole the image suggests the impressive power of the waterfall to the viewer. You can look at this and almost hear the roaring of the falling water in your mind.

The lower image presents the same waterfall very differently. It is photographed vertically and from a side angle. This makes the waterfall appear tall and slender. The slow shutter speed makes the water appear to stream gracefully over the rocks like a veil. The image is processed with less contrast than the one above which enhances the soft feel of the water. The viewer gets a very different impression of the waterfall with this image. You could almost say that the 2 images are masculine and feminine versions of the subject.

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  1. Kathleen permalink
    October 29, 2010 11:31 am

    They are both great shots. My eye usually seems to be drawn more to the veiled effect of a water fall. This one is lovely. I agree with your comment on the versions.

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