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Always Willing to Experiment

November 3, 2010

This little pond was situated in the woods in between the cabins we had rented during our group’s stay in the Tennessee mountains. On my way back to my cabin from being out in the woods shooting the full moon (see yesterday’s post) I stopped here and decided to try and get a worthwhile shot. The reason why I say it was an experiment is because I knew the only way to get this perspective was to get the tripod up to maximum height with the camera pointed down. My tripod extends taller than most and that meant I couldn’t look through the viewfinder to compose anything. I would have needed a ladder to get up that high and look down into the viewfinder. In addition to that bit of compositional guesswwork I also had to change almost all my settings from where they had been for my moon shots. I set the focus mode to manual and pre-focused the lens because I knew the surface of the pond was too dark for auto-focus to work. I also set the ISO, aperture, and shutter speed before cranking the tripod all the way up and making my best guess on the camera angle. Then I carefully reached up high and gently pressed the shutter release. Almost everything about this shot was done flying by the seat of my pants and after the thirty second exposure was done I had to pull the camera back down to even be able to see the result on the rear screen. This meant that if I wanted to shoot it again with varied settings I would have to still have to guess again at the shooting angle. I had already decided that since the shot was simply an experiment made on a whim and since it was so late at night anyway that regardless of the outcome I was not going to try it again. Besides from here I could smell the campfire my friends had lit in my absence and I was already starting to think about how good one of those bratwurst I had stashed in the cooler would taste after roasting it in that fire. (You can see the campfire lighting up the trees in the upper left portion of the image.) I half-expected to see a compositional disaster on the screen when I looked but I found this fairly interesting image instead. Since I had already managed to create some pretty nice moon pictures and then successfully pulled this shot off in one take I happily strapped my tripod onto my back and headed up to the cabin where my victory bratwurst awaited.

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  1. November 5, 2010 9:40 am

    I like it. Great colors, composition, and perspective. Probably half of my favorite shots are of things I stumbled upon while I was on my way to or from something that I intended to shoot.

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